Our second most common comment, the best way to get the highest power figure is to look at the variables and go to the dyno that usually produces higher numbers ( lots of forum info on this). 

However, if what you really mean is you want the fastest car, peak power is not the be all and end all. If comparing Stock and tuned dynos, when overlaid, it is the area between the two overlaid lines that really counts. Peak power is good, but making an extra 20 BHP at peak rpm is no good if you are 30 BHP down at lower RPM, or torque is capped. The area between the overlaid graphs will show this very clearly.

Beware, any tuner can turn off safety parameters and crank the boost. Many tuners offer a  plug in box to trick the ECU into miscalculating the information, thus giving you more than the car thinks you are really getting. In our experience, this often gives a slightly synthetic feel when behind the wheel, previous customers have reported hit and miss results. Do your homework, look at the forums before choosing a device like this, by choosing Manic you take away that variable.

All Manic Mini software is a full ECU re-calibration, uploaded via the factory OBD port. Fully switchable in car and with safety parameters in tact. Rest assured if you develop a mechanical problem, the car will go into protection mode just like a standard car, in an attempt to save itself from further damage if its serious.

Manic Motorsport software is crafted to suit the characteristics of the engine, turbo and fuelling system. Our high power levels are achieved as a bi product of getting this right. A Manic car, is a happy car.