Dyno schmyno

Often asked this question, there is only one answer Im afraid. We don’t know, this is due to the variables in the equation. Here is the top 10;

  1. Performance mode used
  2. Fuel used
  3. Dyno type
  4. Dyno location
  5. Ambient temperatures
  6. WHP / BHP correction factor
  7. How the car is strapped down
  8. Tyre pressure (Not hub dyno)
  9. Modifications to the car ( Air filters/exhausts etc are not all the same)
  10. Mileage and condition of the car 

Most important is the car itself. BMW have a disclaimer on their website, published OEM figures do not relate to any one car. There is a reason for this, the car is a variable in itself.

If you take the same car to several dynos in the same day, using the same fuel, mode etc to limit the variables you will still get a variation in recorded power.

So whats the point of a Dyno? 

Dynos are a great tool for analysing your cars performance. To make it as scientific as possible, you need to Dyno your car bone stock at a chosen Dyno. Tune the car with Manic software, Dyno the car in all available modes and you will see a direct comparison (As close as you can get without lab conditions). Lots of people have done this all over the world and we encourage as much sharing of this info as possible. A similar car in your country on the same fuel, will give you a good idea. Our dealers and distributors can provide regional information.

Manic Motorsport software is crafted to suit the characteristics of the engine, turbo and fuelling system. Our high power levels are achieved as a bi product of getting this right. A Manic car, is a happy car, a  happy car is a consistent performer.