The following will be applicable from August 2015. All software is SPS switchable and upgradable by paying the difference as always.

Manic " X " (Designed for the road)

1 performance mode and stock: An entry level tune suitable for all fuel types in the region. The sort of upgrade you would expect from the factory running moderate increases with stock mode for emissions control. ( Without the factory level price tag ).

Stage 1 (Designed for road where legal/ serious enthusiasts)

3 performance modes and stock: A pre set, regional, fully switchable, 3 mode set up. suitable for use with low/med/high boost settings with variable fuel qualities. Emissions control is changed to allow the addition of a sport or decat downpipe. Customers adding hardware such as a FMIC, CAI etc will see benefits without the need for a retune and will not get any dash lights illuminated. ( Power results depending on region/hardware used).

Stage 2  (Designed for road use where legal/ trackdays/ Sprint/ local competition)

3 performance modes and stock: A pre set, regional, fully switchable 3 mode set up. Suitable for use with low/med/high boost settings with variable fuel qualities. Stage 2 requires, FMIC/ CAI and full exhaust with a 200/100 or no Catalyst, without exception. 


Stage 3 and 4 turbo software by request only.



Manic " Bespoke "

All of the above library files from Manic 'one' to Stage 4 can be modified to suit the individual car/owner for an extra fee. The customer will be able to chose from all available options and extras, such as cold start cycle removal, Flames, linear throttle, meth mode, race fuel mode... etc etc. ( Customers will fill out a pre set option form available from the dealer). Bespoke software takes approximately 7 days to turn around. Customers may take the standard library file while they wait where available.